ArcheAge – Breeding feature added into game

To summarize the latest update for ArcheAge, the new breeding feature was added. However, it is only for a certain livestock/ mount, Yata. This was teased previously, with gamers speculating that it was actually for their characters.

Developer XLGAMES did not rule out such a feature for players in the future though, during a past interview.

ArcheAge Yata breeding


  1. i suggested that “marry and make a NPC baby or children. and face is mixture of two persons. and pets. like the customization. very simple” during AA OBT. or maybe they were planning that. i dont know. i am very angry about that i couldn’t win any event. this game sucks.

    • This game sucks because you couldn’t win an event… Seems like the only thing that sucks is your bad attitude.

      • well the attitudes of the people in game and korean stream were more worse. you didnt see real rude bad attitudes people are doing in real life and on internet. did you? i did my best. and my designs were very good. they didn’t even show me the winners sites. anyway they have some worst service.

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