Arcane Saga – Prius Online revives for a new challenge

I am sure most of my readers have read about or played Prius Online, which was last hosted by gPotato. The game did had its shortcomings, but now it is back as Arcane Saga, seeking a new challenge! This time, the developer’s own North America portal, Netmarble, will be hosting the game. The game currently only has a Facebook page.

Arcane Saga screenshot

The core of Arcane Saga will be focused on its various PvP features, instanced dungeons and of course, the rearing of different type of cute, little female pets known as Anima and powerful Behemoths known as Gigas. I am not sure how much will this new version change, but I do remember Prius Online 2 was announced to be in development back in 2011…

Special thanks to reader SolBalmung for sending this news!

Arcane Saga screenshot


  1. This makes me quite happy as I actually enjoyed Prius Online and was sad when it was closed in the NA.

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