Guild Wars 2 – First level 80 player spotted

[Source] The first level 80 character in Guild Wars 2 was confirmed a couple of hours ago, with the honor belonging to a player named Surfeuze, member of French guild War Legend. He simply reached the level cap by crafting (see update below), with materials provided by his guild members.
Update 1: According to a member of War Legend, Surfeuze did play the game normally at times as well, hence his 80 levels were not solely from crafting. The first 60 levels were from normal gameplay, while the final 20 levels were from crafting.
Update 2: ArenaNet claims there is something fishy going on and they are fixing it.
Update 3: Official statement from War Legend!
Update 4: ArenaNet confirms achievement is legit, no exploiting of sorts was done!

However, it is important to note that his stats and level will still be changed according to the map he is in, hence he will not be dominating the low level maps. Also, reputation points from participating in events will be needed to purchase certain items and missing many achievements. Still, this is a feat to behold.


  1. It’s not really that impressive when he has guild mates had him items to craft and barely does any of the PvEing or PvPing.

    I mean everyone could’ve just stood around crafting since Friday night to do that but most of us wanted to actually play the game.

    • I support this! How boring, I was expecting the first 80 in wow type where he grinded through the content.. or was I? No not in 3 days.
      At least he’ll have fun from now on!

      • Well you can look at it in multiple ways, it’s still an achievement to be the first level 80. He had contribution from his guildmates to reach such a goal.

        I would be happy to know that my guild was backing me on this.

        Grinding content will be fun for him now he’ll have an experience the rest of us won’t have.

  2. In 3 days!!!!???? …. Noooooo!!!!!! It is tooooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that good old times for hardcore players like OLD Lineage II will nerver come back… when You enjoyed every single lv up from lv 2 to 85. And had alot to do on every of them! No Grade, D, C B – craft, spoil! ect… Even with lv 45 and TOP C grade You was like a BOSS in old days!!! And now what? F2P with cash shops and lv up in 3 days… Noone can be really someone in mmorpg these days?!
    I feel frustrated REALLY! And i dont know now that i really want to buy GW2 today!

    Sorry form my English,
    Best Regards

    • I am enjoying evey step of lvling up in gw2.
      I’ve never seen a team such dedicated to the product nor to the gamers as ANet and NCSoft..!
      During the next few days they will balance the game as they do on regular basis in gw1.

      I Love GW&GW2.
      Best Regards,
      Ang Hell 🙂

    • Absolutly agreed with “888” Dude. I was wondering about buying GW2, but now when I’ve heard about this 80 LVL sprut I just; ‘ve lost my intrest ;-((( When I was playing LII and was so enjoying every lvl since 10-12 and having fun for every new expirience, that was what game was all about.
      It took me 3 months to reach 70 lvl (server with only one Char allowed in the game), but I was SO HAPPY ;-)))) In this case GW-2 beacoming something not so desirable like I was hopping to be :-((( With regards

    • I just hit 80 yesterday, mostly the old fashioned way, WvW and some tradeskills for the last 12 levels. I have to say, that unless you play the game, you really don’t quite understand what the game has to offer. You don’t miss out on anything really by grinding to 80 through crafting. You still have a huge world to explore, many quest (events), dungeons to run all of those you scale down to, and WvW and sPvP that you scale up to. You can play with your lower level friends, at their level…I dig that. I loved Dark Age of Camelot, but I’ll never go back, and that’s a little farther back than LII (and wasn’t my first.) The game is enjoyable regardless of level, and a very social game, which I think is lacking a bit in other games.

  3. I do not see how this is an accomplishment getting to level 80 in 3 days mean basically the guy is a total loser with no social life. This is a game and should be played to have fun not to compete to be the first level 80 this wont give this guy anything more in life then being the first retard with no life. That kind of person should actually put that much effort on their job or school …

  4. Congratz on level 80. I have managed to get to 55 but I have been working 50 hours a week since launch. Got a week off soon so should beable to hit the cap then. Loving the game so far.

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