Yulgang 2 – Closed Beta 2 being prepared

I know, since last November at G*Star where Mgame officially debuted Yulgang 2, there has since been little news except for a short Closed Beta 1.


As the sequel to one of the most famous Free to Play martial arts online game in Korea, there is no doubt high expectations for the title. Korean gaming website PlayForum paid a visit to the developer and find out how more about Yulgang 2′s current status.

Yulgang 2

1. Closed Beta 2 is currently being prepared, with over 100 staff working day and night to perfect the game.

2. Enhancing game’s visuals. As an in-house developed game engine, the development team can keep updating the system to accommodate their demands and stay close to the original artwork. Satisfaction rate is now around 70% of the vision set, with specs for both low and high end computers in the works.

3. Improved new players guide. Players will not learn the basics of Yulgang 2 via quests in the actual game world, rather than an instanced “beginner zone”. Although not stated how the new target system is like, the previous auto-select feature will be gone as players from Closed Beta 1 complained about it being inconvenient.

4. 2 new classes will be added in Closed Beta 2, which are the previously revealed, the Assassin and Sorceress. The faction system found in the prequel will make its debut as well.

5. There is currently no date yet, but the developer promised to address all concerns from Closed Beta 1 players and implement new content for Closed Beta 2.

Yulgang 2


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