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Published on August 26th, 2010 | by cinderboy


Lost Saga – Character list 2

Hello folks, this will be the new character gallery list for Lost Saga! All new characters will be added here from now on. You may also wish to visit the old list by clicking here. Thanks for visiting this small blog of mine!

Update on 25th March 2011: Lost Saga’s developer has been bought over by Joymax, click here for more info!

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232 Responses to Lost Saga – Character list 2

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Death Knight, woot!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Cinderboy, I thank you and what you have been doing for the Lost Saga community, props to you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    u pwn cinder ^^

  6. Anonymous says:

    i think of kingdom hearts when i see death knight

  7. Anonymous says:

    whats the last two and how do you get them?

  8. Anonymous says:

    NICE and ty for showing me all of the types of emoticons 😉

  9. Anonymous says:

    Rip-off of World of Warcraft's Death Knight. :((

  10. cinderboy says:

    Updated with new Premium character!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Premium?! PREMIUM?! How on Earth are we gunna get Premium characters?!

    I fear the worst. =(

  12. Anonymous says:

    wats a premium?

  13. cinderboy says:

    Sol Badguy is a collaboration between Lost Saga and Guilty Gear (the famous console fighting games). Premium here probably means that getting this character will require using the cash shop.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You think the NA servers may be getting Sol as well.

    I mean, that would be amazingly awesome if so.

  15. Anonymous says:

    so technically cinderoby, it means using astros?

  16. cinderboy says:

    To be honest, I am not even sure if Sol Badguy will make it to the English version. And yes, cash shop points are involved in the Korean version, OG Planet might just make it into a normal character like everyone else. So nothing is confirmed for the English server.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Allow me to elaborate what our pal Cinderboy is saying;

    Any possible way for the Premium character to reach English servers are very slim, one way to make it here is to (relation to plagiarism protection laws) change over 30-40 percent of the character's key characteristics. This can be done by changing the color palette, adding or removing iconic pieces on him like his hair or belts on his pantleg on top of releasing under another name.

    This goes without saying we may be lucky enough to get Sol wholly as himself. Let us hope, and support it when OGPlanet goes the distance to get him to English servers.

    As far as Premium goes, it is confirmed it is only received using cash shop items.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow… Now, I'm not saying Sol Badguy isn't cool or anything because he is. What's not cool is the lack of originality that Lost Saga always seemed to have. Seriously, I knew something was wrong when I saw Death Knight. That was the most unoriginal character I've seen from them. Just my opinion.

  19. cinderboy says:

    It isn't about original or not, it is a legit co-operation effort between the Guilty Gear developer and the Lost Saga developer. There are a few events to “celebrate” this character too, so its all good.

  20. Anonymous says:

    …….I'm lost about the cpy righted sutff. So guilty gear and lost saga made sol badguy, BUT ogplanet cant like err copy him to lost saga because they didnt make sol badguy?

  21. cinderboy says:

    You will have to ask OG Planet if they are going to bring Sol Badguy to the NA server.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Cinder boy can u tell us about any of the heores in the tcs if there is any? or you can't?

  23. Anonymous says:

    would have been cool if dey added ragna

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why would they add Ragna? 1) They're not celebrating the release of BlazBlue on PsP, and 2) Arc System doesn't make BlazBlue. o_O

  25. Anonymous says:

    man i wanna see sonic the hedgehog 😉

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is sol bad guy coming out in English lost saga?

  27. Anonymous says:


    No one knows, as was said before. The only chance it may actually have if… I don't know, maybe perhaps e-mail OGP themselves and demand they don't remove it?

  28. Anonymous says:

    All I know is that Sol Badguy might and might not come out into the English version, and that you can only get it from Hero Scrolls or from Astros. I also know that there is no 2hr version.

  29. Anonymous says:

    the new guys look cool and quite deadly, but my prob is kls gettin kl new ppl we get sccer mode which isnt all bad i guess other than lack of pay,

    but the soccer OUTFITS are fkin up our game, i would perfer heroes and maps >.>

  30. cinderboy says:

    I am suddenly having a crazy idea. How about having anime characters special, like a tie-in with Naruto and One Piece… hmn~

  31. Anonymous says:

    As much as that would be cool, sadly we already experience poor communication with OGPlanet before with Pangya (Albatross18) when Vocaloid came around. Cause of it there was a slew of stale updates that would have been Vocaloid costumes and the sales started to drop drastically, forcing OGP to drop the game.

    I don't want to have Lost Saga go the way that did. It's too fun a game.

  32. Anonymous says:


    Or just have similar heroes that are not direct characters so NA servers can actually HAVE them.

    … Stupid copyright issues.

  33. Anonymous says:

    It's been rather quiet on updates to KLS recently, haven't even heard if a new map came out. Something going down for IO Entertainment?

  34. Anonymous says:

    hear about the new lava stage with dino bones, and the fireman armor…nice stuff.

    grand templar is now finnaly out…YAY!! now about 2-4 more weeks and well have saladin/desert blader.

  35. Anonymous says:

    New Character's out in KLS. Name's Heavy Crasher. ADD HIM

  36. cinderboy says:

    Updated with the 31st character!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Holy cow I love it!

    It's the Juggernaught, (bleep)!

    Censored myself out of respect. Luff you Cinderboy!

  38. Anonymous says:

    i would classify this char as ranged, not sure with lost saga though….probably special or melle

    he's so dangerous, they sure know how to blow up a building…happy playing.

    ps. guitar(legendary)gear came out for limited time….hopefully next update(whenever that is)will be saladin/desert blader.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Desert Blader (Saladin), if the TC is any indication for KLS, won't be coming out any time soon to be purchasable at the shop. Probably several updates and we may get him in December.

  40. Anonymous says:

    noo…bad karma, i refuse your logic and replace with my own. the next purchaseble char will be desert blader(unless their holding out, like they did with grim) if (saladin) isnt the next buyable char, then i belive either we'll be waiting……or death knight will make special apperance(but i have a feeling he will be the grim counterpart)

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. Anonymous says:

    i want too see mario lol

  43. Anonymous says:

    halloween legendary is out!!! a total of 3, i repeat 3 legendary items at once. (will be gone in less that 3 days).

    there is a sale, on cowboy, grim reaper, shaman, and smile joker. instead of 257 astro, the price has been reduced to 197(ironically the price of a legendary gear).

    a new hero will be released soon, so hold onto your socks for about a week or two.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Just got word from Korea that the 2nd Premium Hero will be released. He's from Soldier Front and he has a pistol in one hand, knife in the other.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I must say, not liking the pattern of premium heroes as often as it appears so far. Still no word on OGP's end if this new guy, Special Forces, or Sol will ever make it to NA servers.

    If they don't, the NA servers will more often than not see a slow down in funds from people due to lack of updates where Premium heroes should be and some protesting against funding a company that won't give us all a full game. Surely many would buy these Premiums, I would perm Special Forces quickly for honoring (in a weird way) my family and friend who are out in the field.

    Hopefully OGP and IO Ent. can man up and do what Riot Games did for China servers and adjust accordingly so the game game be experienced in it's full form there (removed exposed bones and skeletons in China League of Legends). If it means to get these guys here, I would like to see it.

  46. Anonymous says:

    love the new premium character, awesomeness……..

    don't miss your chance to get the (howling blades)legendary gear while it's out.

    Desert blader is now out as well….woot!

    now things will heat up, as we wait for death knight, and a new mage to hit the scene…..can't wait.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Isnt there a english ver of soldier front?If so,does that mean we might get Special Force?

  48. Anonymous says:

    HeavyCrasher = Sapper on Steroids XD

  49. Anonymous says:

    I-I-I-I want Soldier Front in NA! D=

  50. Anonymous says:

    take advantge of the nice lost saga sale……they have minigun(legendary item) for the usual 197 astro.

    they have a armor package(6 perm armors)630 astro.

    and have an awesome 1st year aniversary sale……
    perm items…..are now available for limited time for peso….you heard me, peso……the price is high, however..hope you been saving…or have the time to power earn.

    can't wait for death knight…..

  51. Anonymous says:

    fck only hav 190k andarly ale to keep it up, whts the highest lvl so far for (LS (NA server) so far i hav seen pavlo with 80 sumthing

  52. Anonymous says:

    thanksgiving sale is out, some characters for cheaper….

    the “hanbok” legendary gear….”kite skill”…..is availble

    2 new epic armors….and caps have been updated. (translocator…yay)

    a new character should be released by end of month.

  53. Anonymous says:

    I heard there's gonna be a wind mage coming soon…
    Can anybody confirm/deny that?

  54. Anonymous says:

    its not wind mage,its just legendary gears i think

  55. Anonymous says:

    the wind mage hat, and chest piece will be released soon.

    hopefully we'll be seeing a new mage character as well soon…

  56. Anonymous says:

    New character about to be patched into KLS. I've but one word for it.


  57. cinderboy says:

    Samurai added 🙂

  58. Anonymous says:

    i've wanted to see a samurai SO BAD in this game, i pichted over 6 ideas for it, all different lol,
    samurais are the BA mutha's of japan and i cant w8 to maul azz with 'em >:D

  59. Anonymous says:

    Haha, well it was about time for Samurai to show up, hasn't it? We all wondered when this would happen.

  60. Anonymous says:


  61. Anonymous says:

    It seems that OGP has finally caught wind and decided what to do with the Premium heroes that Korea already gets;

    As of Dec. 1st they will outright ban anyone talking about stuff on their official site or in-game that is only found in Korea as of now. They will not carry any and all the Premium heroes and instead fill it with “NA-only content” which is actually just art contests to put up on our loading screens.

    Goodbye Sol Badguy, I always wanted to perm you. =(

  62. Anonymous says:

    Got a new mercenary out, friend, think you may want to update this here page. 😉

  63. cinderboy says:

    The official flash image doesn't gets updated along with their announcements. I already have the codes typed in the post, just waiting for the link to be up.

  64. Anonymous says:

    where is possibile find the html codes to place the heroes in web pages?

    Heavy Crusher is my next perma hero anyway

  65. Anonymous says:

    well the thing is anonymous will destroy the church of sciontolagy

  66. Anonymous says:

    I have finally signed up for KLS. A lot better than NA Ls. There is a high possibility that on December 16, 2010, there will be a new hero and/or a lot of new gears and styles. If it WOULD be a hero, then it would most likely be Sol Badguy or Samurai, since those were the highest on the poll they had last week. But, on the other hand, Ogplanet could let us down ENTIRELY and not release anything on next update. Keep your fingers crossed for Sol or Samurai. ( Also, great job on the list, LOVE the styles you picked)

  67. Anonymous says:

    Finally they have a samurai character!!! Thats totally awsome

  68. Anonymous says:

    New hero in KLS; can you say ZORRO!?

  69. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god.

    it's ZORRO!!!

    I am perming him the moment he comes out in NALS.

  70. Anonymous says:

    must have heavy crasher, MUST!!!!

  71. Anonymous says:

    new premium char out in korea, this one is from blazblue

  72. Anonymous says:

    omg jin jin in the game 😀

  73. Anonymous says:

    i prefer Noel but hes good to 😀

  74. Anonymous says:

    the female has the face of noel don't know what gender I want now 😀

  75. Anonymous says:

    I think OGP is gonna release premium heros
    Cause they made perm chests perm for good
    so they can start making premiums heroes >=D

  76. Anonymous says:

    a char that summons the dead,SAY WHAT lol

  77. Anonymous says:

    is there any images of them? the mercenary im looking for, daliah, runner back and the others…i want to see the male/female ver.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Don't be fooled; Necromancer sucks. Hard. All of his skills have few invinci-frames and are easy to dodge. A highly skilled player with a Necro would still be a liability to the team.

  79. Anonymous says:

    As all Heroes start off bad get buffed so, that means 1 or 2 things, he will get better, or Necro is not a noob class, you might actually need some skill to play it, there is no hero that is a liability to the team they all have there uses

  80. Anonymous says:

    KUNG FU!!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Why does Kung fu master throw free money?

  82. Anonymous says:

    At the rate OGplanet is releasing heroes, it will be another year before they release Kung Fu Master. That is if they decide to release premiums.

  83. Anonymous says:

    they just released sol badguy for us server!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Sol Badguy came out in NA lost saga hes so good :))

  85. Anonymous says:

    lol they got Jin kisaragi from blazeblue the same ppl made guilty gear wich sol badguy came from

  86. Anonymous says:

    Is there a place I can see the rank requirements for all lost saga heroes?

  87. Anonymous says:

    im glad sol badguy came to ELS i wasnt sure if he would of now i want spartacus

  88. Anonymous says:

    new character released…!! please add.

  89. Anonymous says:

    premium = buy charachter with cash

  90. Anonymous says:

    AWWW u have to buy sol with astro

  91. Anonymous says:


  92. tozoesatoe says:

    lost saga INDONESIA pa AS nee gan 🙂 ~x(

  93. Anonymous says:

    taking way to long to get our characters, i wish that North America's lost saga team would hurry up

  94. Anonymous says:

    The US legal issues is most likely slowing down the production of premium hero releases… however the non-premium heros have no excuse to not be released.

  95. Teo Warrior says:

    waw this is cool hero…
    I want bought one 😀
    but In lost saga Indonesia not appear.. :((

  96. Anonymous says:

    Pro Wrestler 😐

  97. Anonymous says:

    ehh why is EU lost saga so rubbish hurry up and bring loadsof heroes out all at once and bring perm chests 😀

  98. Anonymous says:

    they have stated that they are now updating the us server version. (by doing this, more characters and goodies can be released)

    and premium is has you say, stuck in legal prison.

  99. Anonymous says:

    running back looks stupid xD

  100. Anonymous says:

    English lost saga needs to hurry up and update and get some more heroes, there taking forever,Well while im typing does anyone know how to DL KLS? i figure id play that since ELS is fucking 10 heroes behind.

  101. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousThe KLS players and starting to complain and NA players on their server similar to how NALS players complain about BRs. A lot of NA players have been FBing and playing Ladder recently it seems. Joymax might strengthen it's IP block if this keeps up so I wouldn't recommend joining. Anyways OGP just announced that they finally got the new client and are now working on the debugging and such.

  102. Anonymous says:

    OMG b-( KLS have already released their 44 mercenary….and they have updates like every 3 days, NALS have updates every 3 months!!!!! what's wrong with NALS

  103. Anonymous says:

    korea lostsaga needs to start giving us the updates cuz the current versions are different and it takes them 4 monthes to give it to us. the B.S. x(

  104. Anonymous says:

    I want Puppeteer so bad. I cant want till he comes out

  105. Anonymous says:

    NALS (North america Lost Saga) Has just released Samurai. They skipped my favorite one. HEAVY CRASHER. I'm frkin serious, NALS takes too long to just get ONE HERO. KLS gets a hero every month. Us? 6 months. I wanna start a frkin riot at the OGP Comp.

  106. Anonymous says:

    They should make mofe spec classes cause pirate and sap must be loneli, even after they add crasher

  107. Anonymous says:

    merc 45 is up…screw NA and EU

  108. nobel says:

    @Anonymous actually its every 2 weeks

  109. Anonymous says:

    i cant believe it takes forever to have new characters to be used in north america

  110. Anonymous says:

    What is the meaning by premium

  111. Anonymous says:

    Why in the lost saga no characters with the ability alchemist?

  112. Anonymous says:

    My new LS team (note I play as support): Necro for crowd control, Special Forces for mobile range, Magic Lancer because it seems easy to combo with, Puppeteer for DT spam, and Exorcist and Hawk Eye because they look cool.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Actually there's an UPDATE every two weeks. Most of the time they don't release a hero until another one or two updates.

  114. Anonymous says:

    freakn how do you get these heroes

  115. Anonymous says:

    they say heavy crasher will be like Templar, stock in the TCs and no one knows when will it come out of the roster to perm it….

    anyway it looks like its not a good news for me and it sucks

  116. Anonymous says:

    Hey, what was that one fighting game that you had under Closed Beta Sign-up? I forgot the name of it.

  117. Anonymous says:

    i always liked lancers ^^
    this one is a Lil' different then what i expected but hey it's cool ^^
    can't w8

  118. Anonymous says:

    :)) im from INDONESIA lost saga … What a COOL GAME lost saga in AS hahahha 😀

  119. Anonymous says:

    i'm from indonesia too
    korean lost saga is better from indonesian lost saga
    cause indonesian lost saga dont have many heroes
    but i like
    4 ever
    go go lost saga

  120. Anonymous says:

    Lol Excorcist is from that sexy new show Ao no excorcist, or Blue Excorcist 😀

  121. Anonymous says:

    japan and korea, their game is the best..

  122. Anonymous says:

    wow priest is so awesome…………. y is NA taking so long omg like gtfing game to keep up wit korean. 🙁

  123. Anonymous says:

    :(( Indo Plizz Update Hero Premium :((

  124. Anonymous says:

    Exorcist,Chaos Daliah,Magic Lancer FTW

  125. Anonymous says:

    it is amazing

  126. Anonymous says:

    glad i never did buy astro's. now i saved my money for the premiums.if one premium get released in EU i buy it!!

  127. Anonymous says:

    in Indonesia there are only 21 heroes 🙁

  128. Anonymous says:

    when will a new hero will be release in north america server ? ? ?

  129. No Need says:


  130. Anonymous says:

    can't wait for exorcist in U.S site omfg!!!

  131. Anonymous says:

    Whether, after this there will be a new hero? :-/

  132. Anonymous says:



  133. Anonymous says:

    OMG ragna is very coollll!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Anonymous says:

    all heroes is very cool

  135. Anonymous says:

    LordVentuz69 :


  136. Darkeyes says:

    Son O Kong looks pro 😛

  137. Anonymous says:

    copo apaan tuh

  138. Anonymous says:

    i am from indonesian
    I challenge you duel korea!!!

  139. Anonymous says:

    wow …
    amazing !!
    I am from Indonesia would also like the hero in a lost saga Indonesia

    thank you

    greetings from Indonesia

  140. Anonymous says:

    SAME AS me .I AM FROM INDONESIA. IN INDONESIAN LOST saga,hero part 1 is unfinished.

    sorry if my english is bad

  141. Anonymous says:


    Always favored Ragna than Jin Kisiragi on BlazBlue

    Its gonna take forever for him to come out on NALS
    But still hoping for the epicosity when he release!!!

  142. Anonymous says:

    DEVELOPPERS get the updates FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS!!!!!!!

  143. Anonymous says:

    para saderek niki ngendikan nopo nggih ? lmao ~

  144. Anonymous says:

    i need astros in game darknis im poor :/
    lost saga north america

  145. Anonymous says:

    saya nggak ngerti yg kalian omongin

  146. Anonymous says:

    LS indo sangat jelek

  147. Anonymous says:

    siapa bilang LS indo jelek??

  148. Anonymous says:

    :O the list just keeps geting better and better

  149. Anonymous says:

    LS Indo suram(Get worse)
    Game Masters suram

    Untung Gamers nya dewa2
    jd ga ccd amet di sini

  150. Anonymous says:

    well actually i really hope ILS (Indonesian Lost Saga)update 2 heroes /2 week i hope so cause i really want to play Jin Kisaragi LoL XDD

  151. Anonymous says:

    Me from Indonesian Lost Saga (ILS). I hope Indonesian must be faster to update their hero. Untuk pemain Indonesia.. Semangat.. Jangan mw kalah sama yang lain!

    Ordes Fighter
    Indian FOREVER XD ~Q.Q

  152. Anonymous says:


  153. Anonymous says:

    Hero hero Baru tuh nanti…

  154. Anonymous says:

    cangcut basah tae kambing kontol babi

  155. Anonymous says:


  156. LS indo mah bosenin, kagak ada bgus bagusnya, paan, hero paling baru cuman desert blader.bosen, kapan tuh hero gahol munlong? berapa juta taun lagi di indo? akkakakak GM indo emang begooo

  157. Anonymous says:

    For Indonesian players, please don't flamming here.
    Shut your mouth and keep Indonesia name.
    Thank you.

  158. Anonymous says:

    i hope all heroes will update in INdonesian server faster…!!!!

  159. Anonymous says:


  160. Anonymous says:

    i hope you dead………..

  161. ghani says:

    di indonesia nggak ada hero begituan

  162. Anonymous says:

    For Indonesian players, please don't flamming here.
    Shut your mouth and keep Indonesia name.
    Thank you.

  163. Anonymous says:

    sebentar lagi hero apa ya di LS Indonesia?

  164. Anonymous says:

    mungkin HEAVY CRASHER,,,,,,
    mungkin lho ya,,,

  165. Escorpioner says:

    Kalo Sol Badguy kapan nih????

  166. Anonymous says:


  167. Anonymous says:

    gmm plizzz heroo premiummm

  168. SeDTHBec says:

    Add hero premium in Indonesian Lost Saga

  169. Anonymous says:

    for indonesian players…..
    please don't say that word…..

    untuk pemain indonesia…..
    tolong jangan bicara kata yang kasar….

    i only translate from google.

  170. LOSTCHILD says:

    lost saga the best

  171. Anonymous says:

    lost saga indonesia kenapa belum ada??

  172. Irfan says:

    I always want Jin T-T
    Oh, It's great anyway 😀

  173. Anonymous says:

    mna chrakter yg baruny

  174. Anonymous says:


  175. Anonymous says:

    When does Hawk eye come out?

  176. Anonymous says:

    annoying orange

  177. Anonymous says:

    bahasa indonesia lah
    gk ngerti aku

  178. Neo - Indonesian says:

    I'm Sorry Dude…
    I think They Couldn't speak english .. haha – LoL 😀
    Let They Talk a little, because they Played lost saga too 🙂
    The Freedom of speak is Guarantee in anywhere, isnt it? 🙂
    I'm Indonesian ..

  179. Anonymous says:

    apa kah semua hero itu ada di lost saga seson 2

  180. Unknown People says:

    @Anonymous: Udah ada kok

  181. Anonymous says:

    LS ccd !!!!

  182. Running Back Is a Rugby Player

  183. Running Back Is a Rugby Player

  184. Anonymous says:


  185. Anonymous says:

    LS =Lonte Sejati

  186. Anonymous says:

    What a Premium Hero Expensive In Indonesian

  187. Anonymous says:

    in LS indonesia there much player use cheat to play
    no delay, immortal, 1 hit, any many more…
    i feel sad to hear this qq… but that's the fact…qq

    in the feeling bad of LS indonesia…..

    with love,
    King General

  188. Anonymous says:

    songong lu….sok negara lu tuh gak maju….

  189. Anonymous says:

    what is the premium hero?

    #answer that,please???

  190. Anonymous says:

    pro westler nice character

  191. Anonymous says:

    In Indonesian have a God Player The nick name is Kristelia And Cross Life

  192. Anonymous says:

    i like LOstSaga Indonesian because LostSaga Indonesian is very good

  193. Anonymous says:

    gm setelah ini tolong bukakan hawk fire

  194. Gebetrix says:

    dont forget in Indonesia “GrTxLbt1st” my first gemscool id had took by another player in lost saga indonesia..

  195. Anonymous says:

    lost saga korea the best

  196. Anonymous says:

    asu Lost Saga Indo Koyok Taek COk Goblok

  197. amin says:

    vvery god

  198. Anonymous says:


  199. Anonymous says:

    Chaos Dahlia

    Where i can download lost saga Korea??

  200. Anonymous says:


  201. Gm HEROES YG keluar Kungfu MASTER donk

  202. GM Heroes Yg keluar KUNGFU MASTER DONK

  203. Anonymous says:

    Jin Kisaragi Is The Best…. 🙂

  204. Anonymous says:

    running rack gm keluar kan hero ini

  205. Anonymous says:

    I like the Exorcist and the Sol Badguy

  206. Anonymous says:

    I realy want all this hero release in LS INDO soon…..

  207. Anonymous says:

    kren bngt

  208. Anonymous says:

    wonder that there is another character that can cast lightning except lightning mage..
    And i want captain commando in lost saga indonesian…

  209. Anonymous says:

    aduh payah keluar heronya tu maksimal 2 setiap bulan jangan 1 hero 1 bulan capek nunggunya nanti jadi gak seru kalu banyak nunggu cash tu jangan nahal-mahal kalu bisa beli rp 1.000.00 tu bonus peso apa jangan peletttttttt

  210. Anonymous says:

    gm masukin lah semua hero lost saga
    korea ya gm

  211. lis korea is the best

  212. Anonymous says:

    masih ajah ada citer aduh……

  213. Anonymous says:

    GM ada in PUPETER donk !!
    Biar Bisa DANSA ma PACAR !!
    -ASD PUPETER Tuh !! Hihi ^^

  214. Anonymous says:

    ok so lets see what do you think comes first…. the musketeer guy…. and magic lancer… or priest… id say musketeer guy. 🙂

  215. Anonymous says:

    hero heronya ccd

  216. Anonymous says:

    I like it

  217. Anonymous says:

    Lancer is the best


  219. Anonymous says:


  220. Anonymous says:

    its so cool

  221. Anonymous says:


  222. Anonymous says:

    kone lol ☻ 6$580™

  223. Anonymous says:

    indo hero cma dikit tele

  224. Anonymous says:

    gm lost saga tolong plizzzz bulan ini kuarin peremium caudahlia

  225. Anonymous says:


  226. Anonymous says:

    ls indonesia hero premium cuma 2 sedangkan ls korea banyak

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