Project TL – New trademarks filed for NCsoft’s upcoming MMORPG

Formerly known as Lineage Eternal before NCsoft retooled it into Project TL, it seems that this MMORPG has finally gotten a final name. Spotted recently in the South Korea trademark registry, NCsoft has trademarked the name “TL” and “TL: Origin.” We suppose that TL: Origin is the eventual title. This massive and ambitious MMORPG will being internal employee testing from 31 Aug to 4 Sept, with a Closed Beta test scheduled later this year.

This will be followed by next year’s PC launch, and subsequently on next-generation consoles. According to details, NCsoft stated that nowadays it is tough to launch games based on locally well-known IP to the overseas markets. Hence, Project TL was developed for the global audience with technologies and visuals they are familiar with. It is also meant to be the start of a new universe. Stay tuned for more updates on Project TL/ TL: Origin!