Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis – SEGA announces massive renewal update for MMORPG in 2021

Just a few months into the launch of Phantasy Star Online 2 in the western market, SEGA recently announced the massive 2021 update, New Genesis. According to SEGA, “because the game system and graphics engine of Phantasy Star Online 2 were created 8 years ago, they may seem unrefined to modern players, especially to those whose adventures just began with the North American version. This is why the development team is preparing a massive update instead of a new episode to give PSO2 the renewal it deserves.” Awesome!

However, there are some caveats, as certain features and items will not be compatible after the New Genesis update. Major renewal elements include reshaping Phantasy Star Online 2’s story, game system, graphics engine, and character creation system. The game will be reborn as an open-field online RPG, with a renewed battle system and game system to match! Talking about the new graphics engine, ALL character creation info from PSO2 (including items linked to emotes and other previously registered data) will be compatible.