Com2uS – Korean gaming giant acquires majority stake in new studio

Korean mobile gaming powerhouse Com2uS recently announced it has acquired a 57.5% stake in a local new and promising developer, Tikitaka Studio. Officially founded just last year, Tikitaka Studio has just one mobile game developed under its name, Arcana Tactics. The game also won 3rd place in a new games competition several months ago, combining elements of traditional RPG and defense games with additional unique gameplay features.

According to reports, Com2uS was impressed by the team’s ability to have creative ideas in a short time frame and to make game changes quickly. Gamevil, the parent company of Com2uS, will publish Arcana Tactics worldwide. Tikitaka Studio will subsequently develop more games to be published in the global market. Com2uS stated that its merger and acquisition (M&A) activities will continue as long as the right opportunity presents itself.