Battle Divas: Slay Mecha – More than just anime waifus in new mobile strategy game

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha is a new mobile strategy RPG which launched last week, and we recently tried the game out. The term “strategy” has more or less been overused for mobile games over the years, with most really just about pressing buttons for skills. This is where Battle Divas differs from most of them, despite having the slightly generic 2D anime waifu skin covering the whole game. Cutting to the chase, here are our thoughts on Battle Divas!

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Gacha System

Yatta! Play, the publisher (dev?) of Battle Divas touted the game as having no character gacha. Many short-sighted gamers mistook this as having “no gacha”, which could not be further away from the truth. Technically, it is right that there are no character gachas in the game. There is only 1 equipment gacha system, with a chance to draw a weapon. Drawing any weapon immediately unlocks the character which wields it. Is this warranted as a character gacha? Well, characters can be unlocked through gameplay progression as well, so we would say technically, there is indeed no character gacha and the marketing is fine.

We do love the 1-gacha system in Battle Divas, whereas most mobile games will have 1 for characters and 1 for equipment. Some even have a 3rd gacha for accessories! Of course, there is certainly no guarantee that each gacha will contain a weapon. For the first free gacha, the game gives 20 free re-rolls too, which is not common. Kudos to this feature!

Weapon System

As mentioned above, the weapon system is closely tied to characters. Each character has around 7 weapons, each with different star rarity and effects which totally changes how the character performs on the battlefield. For example, Nightingale (the healer) cannot attack when equipped with her 2-star weapon, but heals much more than normal. It is amazing how many of such unique effects the development team has come up with for all weapons.

So what happens if we have 2 weapons unlocked for Nightingale? Well, her character star rating will be come 2, hence getting increased stats and increased character level cap. Unlike most mobile games where character upgrades are dependable on shards, in Battle Divas everything is dependable on the number of weapons unlocked. There are is no tiresome shard system for both weapons and characters, which is certainly a blessing.

Equipment System

There are hundreds of equipment in Battle Divas other than weapons, including armor and headgear among the 3 slots. If you played Diablo or most PC MMORPG titles, you will be glad to know there are set items as well. Collect a full set of 3 (not counting weapons) and powerful abilities can be unlocked. There are sets which are unique to characters, and sets which can be used generally. This system definitely adds another layer of depth in strategy!

Combat System

Probably the main feature of Battle Divas is the grid or tile based battlefield where combat mainly takes place. Unlike most mobile “strategy” RPG titles, this game does not require players just to cast skills or ultimates while the characters stand still on the same spot waiting for their turns. Here, players have to actively move their characters to avoid powerful enemy attacks, strategically move characters to activate bonuses and skills, and to defeat bosses via parts (we will get to that below). There are even environmental traps as well to avoid! All in all, this is like a chess game with many deeper elements beneath.

Boss Part Destruction

If you played games such as Monster Hunter, you would know of this system where players can destroy bosses’ body parts for different loot. This is the same for Battle Divas. For example in the screenshot below, there are 3 different colored bars below the boss’ main HP bar. Destroy the 3 parts using the opposing element, and players will be granted bonus drops and crafting materials. There is a downside to this system, as players who are used to automated farming in other games will find it hard to do so effectively in Battle Divas.

Final Thoughts

Players can expect costumes, an unique Infinity War mode, PVP arena, and various PVE farming modes in Battle Divas. The game has just launched for a week by a small team, and hopefully improvements can be made over the next few weeks. If we were to grade the game, we would give it an A- for all its potential and uniqueness. There are no perfect games, but Battle Divas could prove to be a gem in a market filled with mobile MMORPGs.