X-Legend Entertainment – Player loses court case against Taiwanese developer

According to the local media, a patient suffering from anxiety disorder was introduced by his friend to play Kingdom of the Wind (or Laplace M) to calm at the start of the new year. Since then, this gamer has spent around USD 15,000 on the game’s gacha system. He even took loans from banks and his friends and also got fired from his job. Unable to get the full set of 6 promotional items after 3,133 gacha tries, he decided to seek out around USD 30,000 in damages from X-Legend Entertainment. Recently, the court gave its verdict.

Developer X-Legend Entertainment defended itself with the user agreement, stating that the player agreed to a policy that there is no confirmation that players will get the items. The Taipei District Court also said that players should understand their own finances and spend responsibly. Of course, the player alleged that there was misleading advertising, but it was not taken into consideration as the policy stated was precise and clear. Tough luck!