LINE Games – South Korean publisher acquires new studio with big money

You might most probably heard of the social messenger app known as LINE, but most likely unaware it has a full-fledged games division, LINE Games. While not exactly setting the mobile games market by storm since its opening, the company today announced the acquisition of a Korean studio, ZERO Games. In my opinion, it is a very shady deal as ZERO Games only started in 2019 and has less than 4 games which aren’t very successful. It doesn’t even have a proper company website running at the time of typing this article!

Granted, it also owns Xn Game, another Korean studio which made Chaos Online (the PC MOBA) and Chaos Mobile which saw a little success. If you did not know, “Chaos” was a very popular mod map back in the Warcraft 3 days, and Xn Game has the IP rights for it.  The cost of LINE Games acquiring ZERO Games? A crazy USD 26 million (320억 원이다)!