Last Oasis – Nomadic survival MMO enters Steam Early Access worldwide

[Steam page] Indie studio Donkey Crew, located in beautiful Poland, recently announced that their woodpunk-inspired nomadic survival MMO, Last Oasis, has entered Steam Early Access. Last Oasis is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth thousands of years in the future after a cataclysmic event has halted the planet’s rotation and plunged it into two extreme environments. Now, only one habitable strip of land remains between razor sharp ice and arid desert wasteland, ever moving, as the planet rotates around the unrelenting sun.

To stay alive, the remnants of humanity have built a large waking city, Flotilla, from which they must send unwilling nomads into the passing oases to gather necessary resources to keep the city moving. Not many return alive. Intrigued? Last Oasis is waiting for you now!