MapleStory – Adele the Conductor of Swords added as new playable job in new update

While Part 1 of the “RISE” update was pretty normal, Part 2 welcomed a new job in the form of Adele, the Conductor of Swords. As mentioned by Orange Mushroom, Adele was an honorable knight of Grandis’ High Lef race, but was confined in a dimensional space for an unknown reason. After a long time, she was summoned back to reality by a boy’s earnest prayer which crossed dimensions. Adele can create magic Ether Swords to use as weapons, and can control them freely without holding them in her hands using her strong willpower.

Adele is a new warrior Lef class, which uses the new weapon Tuner, and her secondary Bracelet. While the storyline character is female, players can create male versions of her as well. Adele’s Union effect is 10/20/40/80 STR and begins her adventure from the city of art Ristonia. There is still a Part 3, and we will post about it if anything interesting pops up!