Vainglory – Developer ditches struggling MOBA title and gets funded for second title

It was announced recently that developer Super Evil Megacorp has received a funding of USD 10.5 million to work on its second game, Project Spellfire. The team behind MOBA title Vainglory will aim to launch it in 2020. Despite Vainglory never earning any profits during its run and costing over USD 20 million in funds to develop, it seems that gullible investors are still confident that Super Evil Megacorp will have more success in its future games.

Vainglory will no longer be operated by Super Evil Megacorp, with publishing and new content duties passed on to a little-known studio, Rogue Games. The MOBA did not find financial success nor popularity in China too under the country’s second largest games company, NetEase. It definitely baffles me how such a company is still attracting huge investments with such a big commercial failure, but it is a wacky world out there right now.