Project F – New co-op game from Riot Games takes place on Runeterra

If you did not know, the whole universe of League of Legends takes place on a planet known as Runeterra. Over the years, the teams at Riot Games have been building up the lore of Runeterra, and today it announced a new in-development game which will make full use of it. Currently known as Project F, it is a co-op game which allows players to explore the planet with their friends. Riot Games did not specifically mention Project F as a MMO or MMORPG, so we will have to wait and see about that. What a huge day it has been for Riot!

Update: Riot Games is developing an online tactical shooter!
Update: Riot Games announced an online card game to challenge Hearthstone!
Update: Pre-registration is now live for League of Legends: Wild Rift!