Pascal’s Wager – Business model for dark fantasy mobile game announced

Showcased during Apple’s iPhone 11 keynote earlier, Giant Games is the proud publisher of Pascal’s Wager, a forthcoming third-person Action RPG that is bound to reset what gamers thought was possible on a mobile device. Its graphical, audio, and gameplay fidelity are all taking advantage of Apple’s latest technology to deliver a game that rivals most beloved PC and console titles. Pascal’s Wager has been in development for over two years and while it is Tipsworks Studio’s first title, the team is comprised of veterans from AAA backgrounds.

Pascal’s Wager is set to release exclusively on Apple’s App Store at the end of 2019. The PC and console versions are also in development for release in 2020. No launch on Android was announced. Pascal’s Wager sets the players in the footsteps of Terrance, a courier living in a dystopian world where the sun has sunk to the bottom of the sea. For thousands of years, the world was encased in an endless black fog. The only respite found thus far is by following the Colossus who emits sparks of light that can disperse the fog.

At the story’s start, the Colossus has fallen in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Terrance believes there is a connection to his missing wife. It is up to him to trace her steps as he travels a long, painful journey of rescue and redemption. The deeply engaging story of Pascal’s Wager is told through the use of high-fidelity graphics, music, special effects, and mechanics. These unique mobile features are all part of a proprietary mobile game technology that will allow Tipsworks Studios to push the boundaries of the mobile game space in order to create a fully engaging PC gaming experience on mobile devices.

Players will forget they are playing Pascal’s Wager on the phone or tablet as they experience a fully featured action game that includes a large-scale world map, exploration elements, a diverse set of enemies, cutscenes, and a deeply engaging narrative.

Tipsworks Studios is committed to changing the impression many have of a “typical” mobile title. This begins with Pascal’s Wager being a Free-to-Try game, with new chapters being purchasable at small costs individually or as a whole. Like great console and PC games, Pascal’s Wager will feature DLC and add-ons that will extend the story and introduce new characters similar to game expansions. Stay tuned for more updates on Pascal’s Wager!

Key game features:

● A robust story told across 8 chapters
● Pay to play without microtransactions
● Hidden elements to discover
● Post-launch DLC to add to the story and characters
● PvP and PvE multiplayer will be added post-launch
● Deep and engaging character progression
● Full controller support to ensure the best possible gameplay experience