Remnant: From the Ashes – Final zone trailer drops before official launch

[Pre-order now] In the final look at the treacherous worlds of Remnant: From the Ashes, publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Gunfire Games share a first look at the primordial swamp of the ice planet of Corsus. Corsus is inhabited by a race of elf-insectoid hybrids forming the Iskal cult. These creatures have established themselves by pushing beyond primitive technology to thrive within harsh and corrosive swampland. In rusty, fetid waters and deep into dank mines, players must seek the heart of a beast coveted by the Iskal. While the Queen may be hospitable, the rest of Corsus might not.

The core feature of Remnant: From the Ashes include:

• FIGHT. ADAPT. OVERCOME. – Each world will present new challenges and perils to overcome. Throughout their journey, players will encounter dozens of monsters unique to each environment. Fight tooth-and-nail against creatures both big and small – from towering behemoths the size of buildings to countless hordes of small, deadly terrors. Adapt… or die trying.

• EXPLORE FANTASTIC, TERRIFYING REALMS – Explore beautiful, dynamically-generated worlds – each with their own unique creatures and environmental challenges. Gain experience and adapt new strategies to survive the dangers of each world.

• CRAFT. UPGRADE. SPECIALIZE. – Band together with others to improve chances of survival. Protect and befriend skilled tradesmen and offer them the safety of a home base. In turn, they will offer valuable skills and resources for upgrades, crafting and enhancements for weapons and gear.

• STRENGTH IN NUMBERS – The Root are ruthless and deadly. To stand a chance, players will need help – they need a Team. In Remnant: From the Ashes, players can group with up to three other survivors. There are multiple hero archetypes to choose from, each designed with unique skills and advantages to help the group survive.