Fantasy Frontier – 16th class and new Eidolon announced for Taiwanese MMORPG

In a shocking announcement made yesterday, Taiwan developer X-Legend Entertainment revealed a brand-new class for its anime-style PC MMORPG Fantasy Frontier (known as Aura Kingdom in English). Loosely translated as Dragon Doll, this “Lili” race is described as the offspring of the forbidden love between the angels and humans. Obviously, she is the must-have loli race in most online games these days. Even though her core weapon is the Dragon Doll, it changes into a war hammer or cannon based on the skills used. You read it right, Dragon Doll is both a melee and a ranged class at the same time! Crazy stuff indeed.

This new class also has a unique “Dragon Wings” system, where stronger versions of her skills will be unleashed when the conditions are met. Her secondary weapons include dual blades and demon spear (not available in Aura Kingdom yet). Other than adding in many new maps and game features in the update, a new fox Eidolon known as Ahri is also introduced. Controlling the winds, she can stun enemies and increase damage taken by enemies, and even heal her master! Will this massive update lure back the Taiwan players?