Counter Side – New teaser trailer revealed for urban fantasy mobile RPG

First announced in April 2018, Counter Side is the first title from South Korean developer studiobside (pronounced as Studio B Side). Created by a team which made popular online PC action games such as Closers and Elsword, Counter Side is a mobile RPG described as having an “urban fantasy” setting with players collecting 2D characters to form their teams. The story is about the battle between the “real” world known as “Normal Side” and the opposite world “Counter Side.” You can actually see shots of actual gameplay at the end of the teaser trailer! Unfortunately, only the Korean website is up. Stay tuned for updates!

Update: According to foreign media reports, players will be able to strategically move their characters on the battlefield. It seems like a grid-based system is utilized. 100 characters are planned for Counter Side, and “most” of them are obtained through in-game resources. All characters will have hand-drawn 2D art along with unique voice-overs as well!