App Monsters Defense – Brief look at Korea-exclusive Digimon mobile game

With Digimon Links shutting down and being replaced by a new Digimon title, Digimon ReArise, I was surprised to be informed by a Korean reader that there is an obscure Digimon mobile game currently being tested in South Korea. Based on the not-so-popular anime series Digimon Universe: App Monsters, the game is titled App Monsters Defense. Basically, there are 2 bases on each side of the screen, and players must summon different App Monsters to engage in battles and destroy the enemy base. It is definitely very dull.

I managed to hit a bottleneck right at the first boss fight, and it doesn’t help that I cannot quick-raid the previous completed maps, which means I would have to manually farm them until my team gets strong enough. App Monsters Defense also features some AR functions which I did not encounter which allows player vs player battles. With Digimon ReArise also being localized in Korea, I doubt App Monsters Defense will last long or launch overseas.