Monster Hunter Frontier Z – Online action game shutting down after more than a decade

Capcom today announced the closure of Monster Hunter Frontier Z on 18 December 2019. Launched in Japan back in 2007 as Monster Hunter Frontier, the online game subsequently got updated to Monster Hunter Frontier G in 2013, before the final mega expansion to Monster Hunter Frontier Z in 2016. In service for around 12 years, Monster Hunter Frontier Z was made available on 6 different platforms, including PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U. Built on the foundation of PlayStation 2’s Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter Frontier did not launched for any Western markets.

Update: The final server in Taiwan, operated by the local Capcom office, is also closing later this year on 26 December.

Seen below is the official update trailer for Monster Hunter Frontier’s “Z” expansion. While Monster Hunter: World is the core game for Capcom now, Monster Hunter Frontier will always be the legendary game which did not head outside of Asia despite it’s long run.