Black Desert Online – Quick look at Shai class and first image of awakening weapon

Thanks to developer Pearl Abyss, we managed to give the upcoming Shai class a quick look recently. As mentioned in our previous post, Shai is the first healing and support class in Black Desert Online, and is meant to be an easier-to-control character. It is no doubt part of an effort to attract new players into the game, and we feel it could work wonders. Shai’s main weapon is a boomerang, known as Florang here. After giving the Florang a spin, Shai is no doubt positioned as a mid-range character who skips around the battlefield safely.

Seen below are the Shai skills, and you can get a better sense of what role this class plays in Black Desert Online. Equipped with a couple of taunt and escape skills, she is the perfect bait during PVE battles. However, do take note that her skills somewhat degrades during PVP combat. It remains to be seen how she will be affected in castle sieges, but for now the Shai plays and looks like a great class for newcomers to Black Desert Online to pick up.

Finally, the team at Pearl Abyss recently flew over to Russia to meet its fans. The Russian service of Black Desert Online switched to developer Pearl Abyss not too long ago, and we feel that it is an awesome move to almost immediately meet the community face-to-face to answer their uncertainties. During the community event, the first image of an awakened Shai was also shown for the first time, wielding a guitar sort of weapon. Is this a bard?