Dungeon Rush: Rebirth – Quick look at new dark fantasy mobile idle RPG

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is an upcoming idle mobile RPG developed by Chengdu-based studio DHGames. With over 100 million downloads worldwide for their 15 mobile titles, the team has decided to take a stake in the growing idle games genre. While most games in the genre tend to be bright and colorful, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth takes a different route with its dark fantasy character and environment designs. We recently took a quick look at the game’s pre-launch version and listed our most honest opinions. Dungeon Rush: Rebirth has launched for iOS devices on May 29, and launches today for Android devices. Read on!

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The Good

• As you can see from our starting gameplay, the first hour of Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is really smooth with no immediate pay wall compared to some other idle games.

• As an idle game, the aim is to minimize the learning process for players, and DHGames did a very good job there with very a very clear tutorial even a new user can understand.

• The game is obviously not graphics intensive, which makes it an ideal game for older smartphones.

• Over 10 languages supported in-game, which means Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is well-prepared for a global launch in the near future.

• According to my bad calculation skill, there is around 200 characters now for players to collect from the 6 different rarity tiers (D – C – B – A – S – SS) and 6 elements (known as factions here). Even if there is no 3D modeling required, it is still a massive number of unique characters to come up with.

• While it might not be obvious, the idling process actually takes place without being shown to players. So whenever you log off the game or are trying to advance to new stages, there is always loot generated in the background for players to collect.

• When players delve deeper into Dungeon Rush: Rebirth, new character upgrade features found in traditional RPG titles such as runes and evolution open up.

The Controversial

• Unlike most dungeon-based mobile games, there is no recommended power level here to help players make a choice. You can only face defeat yourself to recognize how weak your team is at the current stage.

• There is a “Privilege” feature which veteran gamers would recognize as a form of subscription-for-bonuses. In other words, Pay-to-Win. In all honesty, all Free-to-Play mobile games have a similar function these days, so it isn’t really that bad overall. Perhaps having a 30-day package at an even cheaper price will help with the game’s retention.

• We do wish to see more and flashier skill effects, which is quite a letdown in its current state. Some of the artwork are evidently not in HD as well. Perhaps adding in graphical options can be down down the road for players with better phones.

• The power of each equipment is not compared at a base level, hence if a character wields a +2 early weapon, the system will not recommend a +0 weapon which will actually be stronger at +2. This is a serious feature which must be perfected before launch.


Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is not the style which will attract all gamers, and the idle genre will always have its critics. But then again, which mobile game is perfect? If you are looking for a new game to try out, preferably without having to bash buttons in action RPG titles or battle royale matches, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is the one for you. Also, if you appreciate the dark fantasy style of art rather than the cute cartoonish competitors in the same genre.

The latest updates on Dungeon Rush: Rebirth can be found on the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DungeonRush2/