Anthem – BioWare seemingly agrees with Kotaku’s report on wretched development process

Yesterday, Kotaku ran an in-depth investigative report on Anthem, detailing its wretched development process from the very beginning and how the game was pushed out to satisfy EA’s launch deadline. The report also talked about the revolving door of leadership figures, having no true vision for Anthem, and how 7 years were wasted. Developer BioWare did not specifically refer to the Kotaku report, but posted sort of a reply while not denying the findings were false. Basically, players were duped into buying an unfinished game which took less than 2 years in the making. Do give the 2 articles a read, or watch Angry Joe’s video reaction below. You will be amazed how broken the AAA games industry really is.


  1. Brilliant concept rushed…same happened to no man’s sky but sean murray don’t give up and they fixed it after 2 year…anthem is coop game and i dont think they have that much time to fix it before most of people leave


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