Vindictus – Nexon begins pre-register events for new 14th hero Eira

[Pre-register now] On April 30, 2019, Vindictus, the action-packed, free-to-play MMORPG that offers gratifying real-time combat will launch its 14th hero, Eira. To celebrate the introduction of Eira in Vindictus, an Eira Registration Event welcomes all Vindictus fans to pre-register starting now until April 28, 2019 for exclusive items. EIRA is a master of the revolver and has the power to open portals swiftly. Shifting back and forth through different dimensions, this power allows her to attack and evade from any location on the battlefield.

Eira is the long-lost younger sister of Arisha, who has continuously blamed herself for all the tragic outcomes that her family faced. Now, she vows to never lose her precious family again and to find her long lost sister, Arisha. All pre-registration participants will receive exclusive items once Eira enters the fold that will aide you in your battles. To prepare for Eira’s arrival, players can also jump into the game now to take part in the Eira Warm-Up Attendance Event for overflowing rewards including an Eira-exclusive item given out daily!