Dragon Hound – New MMORPG from Nexon to utilize Nvidia Ray Tracing

Other than the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) ongoing right now, recently Nvidia held its NVIDIA GTC 2019: Deep Learning & AI Conference as well to showcase new advancements the company has made. It was also announced that Nexon’s upcoming PC MMORPG, Dragon Hound, will utilize the Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing technology. You can learn more about this rather technical feature here. Basically, the gameplay of Dragon Hound will look more advanced and “real” than games without the technology. Also, Dragon Hound is crafted using Unreal Engine 4 if you missed my past articles. Here is a preview video!

Battlefield V will be one of the first 11 games on PC to run the Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing technology, including Dragon Hound, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, etc. Seen below is a quick look at Battlefield V with ray tracing running. Do note that this video was taken a few months ago, and there is no doubt Nvidia has further optimized the technology.