Diablo Immortal – NetEase hints at Activision Blizzard holding out on launch schedule

Last week, NetEase held a conference call with various financial analysts following its quarterly financial call where they announced their performance for the 4th quarter of 2018 and the year ending 2018. Only 1 analyst, Alex Poon from Morgan Stanley, asked about the progress of Diablo Immortal. 2 sets of answers were given by the NetEase executives, one in Chinese and one in English. It seems that Diablo Immortal is ready to launch from NetEase’s development point of view, but Activision Blizzard is holding out on the schedule.

Reply 1: Original reply in Mandarin Chinese


Reply 1: Translated by MMO Culture from Mandarin Chinese

With regards to the launch of Diablo Immortal, we will announce a market launch date simultaneously with Blizzard. But on our side, development is already fully prepared and invested. I definitively believe there is no issue from the side of development (with regards to a launch date).

Reply 2: Original reply in English

Diablo Immortal, we are the co-developer on that game together with Blizzard. As to the exact launch timetable, I would encourage markets (?) to direct the question directly to Activision Blizzard as from a co-developer’s perspective, the game development is pretty much ready. Of course, there is always be space for us to optimize and enhance, but it is not any concern that the development side will cause any potential delay.