Closers – Rogue Agents update arrives with content roadmap for 2019

[Play free now] It has been a wild first year since Closers officially launched, and on the game’s 1st anniversary, the team is thrilled to announce the next chapter of the story. Starting 12 February 2019, Rogue Agents sends players off on a new adventure with an unexpected twist. Players most likely did not see this coming… The Wildhüter team, led by Wolfgang, is now opposed to the rest of the UNION and has split off as an independent faction! It’s up to the Black Lamb and Wolf Dog teams to bring these rogue agents to heel.

En Masse Entertainment continues its commitment to the Closers community to keep the game fresh with consistent content additions. Rogue Agents is just the first salvo in a parade of new content coming in 2019. Players can now have a peek at what is to come thanks to the new update roadmap below. Players will find new dungeons, new stories, Task Force promotions, a new character, a new battle system and much, much more.