Anthem – Latest game from EA BioWare gets thrashed by gaming community

Personally, I have swore off any games by EA after the experience I had with the Sim City reboot. It is never alright for the accounting and business executives to dictate how a game should be developed for maximized profits, something which EA has been accused of over the years leading to the downfall of many games. Anthem, the new game from EA BioWare, reeks of such decisions based on comparisons between the old-school BioWare titles and post-EA ones. It is alarming when even shady publications such as IGN gave Anthem a low score on its review, while GameSpot tried its very hardest not to publicly slam the game.

Of course, then there are the reviews and comments from popular YouTube content makers. Other than Anthem being plagued with technical errors and hundreds of bugs, some game design choices were taken into question. Despite being announced earlier, the central hub (basically the town) feels eerily weird with only 1 player walking around instead of being an actual multiplayer central, like a MMORPG (a term which EA has avoided). Other than the awesome flying through the gorgeous map (which is just 1) and flashy combat, everything else from story to grinding to boss fights were taken into question.

EA is known to unceremoniously close down studios which have under performed over the course of a few games, and I would suppose Anthem is heading to be the second under BioWare after the heap of steaming poop known as Mass Effect: Andromeda. From what I know, some big gaming companies tie bonus payments and financial benefits to scores from Metacritic, which at this point does not bode well for BioWare. According to the latest reviews, even the official Day 1 launch patch did not manage to fix the various major bugs.