Super Animal Royale – Free playable demo now available on Steam

[Steam Early Access] One month after its Steam Early Access debut, Super Animal Royale is rampaging across the world, capturing gamers’ hearts with charming animals and then blowing them up with machine gun fire. In just one month, there have been more than 30k Super Animal slips on banana peels, 1.5M Super Animals have met their colorful demise, and 6.5M tufts of tall grass have been chopped down by Super Animals searching for items. The Steam Early Access version of Super Animal Royale currently has a 97% positive review score and has been played by Twitch and Youtube stars from around the world.

Players who log on right now will find themselves in the crumbling remains of the Super Animal World welcome center: the cheery gateway to the bio-engineered safari park that entertained millions of happy visitors until it was shut down after what S.A.W. lawyers insist we refer to as “The Incident.” The new region of the island features restaurants such as “Slow Food,” a teppanyaki joint run by world renowned (if painfully methodical) chef Slothy Aoki, and “Meet & Eat,” the only restaurant where you can enjoy stimulating conversation with your food before you eat it! Super Animal guests will not, however, be able to taste the “Pie of the Tiger,” due to an unfortunate and rather suspicious kitchen fire.

Players will also now be able to play Super Animal Royale completely free, with the introduction of a brand new “Super Demo” that allows players to get a head start on progression in the game. What makes this demo a Super Demo? Aside from the fact that adding the word “Super” makes everything better, this demo allows players to play the game fully online, as much as they like, without any time limit. They can even begin unlocking cosmetic items and animal breeds in the demo, but they won’t be able to use them until they upgrade to the full version. If they do decide to upgrade, however, all progress made in the demo transfers seamlessly into the full game, using Steam Cloud.