Blade & Soul – Developer teases new class with first details in interview

The development team of Blade & Soul has been busy updating the Korean server with class awakening updates, and the local media got a chance to talk to them on Blade & Soul’s progress. While admitting that the Unreal Engine 4 upgrade first show in May 2018 still has some distance from completion, they mentioned there has been huge progress since the announcement. The main focus, however, is a small snippet of the new class.

Note: There are no images or videos, just text description of the new class. The 2 trailers in this article are from May 2018 when NCsoft laid out the future vision for Blade & Soul.

• The new class will be a ranged damage dealer

• This class utilizes a sophisticated command system suitable for veteran players

• There will be many manual control elements for this class’ attacks

• There are elements of distance and angle involved, and skilled players who control well will deal more damage

• No launch schedule is announced, as previous new classes are usually announced before the end of the year