Mortal Royale – Bloody battle royale title now Free-to-Play on Steam Early Access

[Play free now] Star Vault AB, a Swedish game developer, recently launched the Steam Early Access for its gritty and bloody battle royale game, Mortal Royale. Now available free to all Steam users, Mortal Royale offers a massive-scale fantasy setting made possible by Star Vault’s MMO technology. Up to 1,000 players are thrown into the eye of a deadly chaotic storm that is slowly closing in on them. Rather than vehicles found in modern battle royale games, players must find and tame mounts for a huge advantage during combat.

Key game features:

• Free-to-Play on Steam

• Massive-scale chaos with up to 1,000 players in a single match

• 64 square kilometers of map to battle

• Deep combat system with individual hit boxes all with their own armor mitigation

• Over 100 different weapons and 21 armor sets with 10 individual pieces

• Over 60 powerful spells and skills to master

• Ancestry character customization system with a variety of options