Lineage 2: Revolution – Mobile MMORPG celebrates 1st anniversary with Batman collaboration

Netmarble today revealed a new collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, on behalf of DC, involving its popular mobile MMORPG, Lineage 2: Revolution. In celebration of the game’s first anniversary, Super Heroes and Super-Villains from the Batman family are now available in Lineage 2: Revolution for a limited time. Following the game’s huge success in South Korea and Asian territories, Lineage 2: Revolution launched in 56 countries across North America, Europe, Oceania and the Middle East in Nov 2017.

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One year on, the game continues to be one of the most popular mobile MMORPGs due to its groundbreaking fantasy elements, top-quality visuals, a massive open-world and large-scale PvP battles. The game has also accumulated over 30 million registered players around the world. Further enhancing gameplay, the collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC will bring iconic Batman elements to Lineage 2: Revolution, granting players new opportunities for exciting interactions in the open-world.


Characters from the Batman family will make their way into the world of Lineage 2: Revolution with designated Batman character costumes for each of the five in-game races:

• Human Race – Batman costume

• Dark Elf Race – The Joker costume

• Elf Race – Catwoman costume

• Dwarf Race – Harley Quinn costume

• Orc Race – Mr. Freeze costume

Five new Batman-themed mounts and ten weapon costumes will also accompany each of the character costumes.


Select Batman characters will be presented as bosses and also appear in the new Temporal Rift Dungeon “Castle of Terror.” Poison Ivy and Bane will appear as boss monsters in “Castle of Terror”, while the Riddler and Scarecrow will be added in the near future as Field Boss and World Boss, respectively.


Bonus Batman-themed features include:

• New Monster Codex: Poison Ivy, Bane, Scarecrow and the Riddler

• New Soul Crystals: Poison Ivy (Penetration), Bane (Attack), Scarecrow (Defense) and the Riddler (HP)

• New Artifacts: A Brand New Feature! 16 Artifacts with DC characters, villains, dungeon monsters, non-player characters and more.