Aion – NCsoft reveals colorful new class arriving next week in South Korea

NCsoft today revealed the latest class to join Aion, and one which will certainly turn the heads of fans. The name of the class is 채화성, but I have no idea how that translates, so I will refer to the class as simply the Graffiti Artist. The class is deliberately designed to be different, as the dev team felt a shakeup is required. A mid-range class, it is also claimed that the Artist works best in parties and will boost team members’ strength by “200%”.

One headache while designing the Graffiti Artist is the overall look which had ideas from wielding a giant paintbrush to naughty kids, but most of the ideas were canned as they did not fit the art direction. Eventually, they used the Bard class as a template; while the Bard is a model character which uses music and melody, the Artist will be the rebel looking to change the world with her own colors. Does feel like we are playing Splatoon right now…

The weapon of choice was also up for contention during the design process of the Graffiti Artist. Ideas include various ranged weapons, paint palettes attached to the wrists, and even a hybrid of a hammer and cannon. Of course, the decision eventually took shape in the form of dual bracelets which magically shoots paint as the main mode of damage. The unique attacks take form in various shapes, including giant fists, bombs, and many more.