Vespa – King’s Raid developer prepares for stock listing in South Korea

According to the Korean media, mid-size games developer Vespa, the creator of mobile RPG King’s Raid, has submitted a securities report to the Financial Services Commission in view of being publicly listed on KOSDAQ, the trading board of Korea Exchange (KRX). The number of shares available is reportedly 1,600,000, with each worth between 44,800 Won (39.50 USD) to 59,700 Won (52.70 USD). This means a minimum of 63.2 million USD!

Founded back in 2013, King’s Raid has steadily helped Vespa become a force to be reckoned with in the saturated mobile gaming market. According to financial reports, Vespa made a operating profit of 6 million USD in the year 2017, massive for a developer which only launched King’s Raid early in the same year. Vespa is aiming to expand into other platforms, while also prepare for more mobile game launches in the 2nd half of 2019.


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