Phantasy Star Online 2 – Crossover event with Monster Hunter Frontier Z announced

While Phantasy Star Online 2 will no doubt never to land on western shores, the PC MMORPG from SEGA is still doing very well in its native Japan. Over at Tokyo Game Show 2018, it was announced that a collaboration with Capcom’s Monster Hunter Frontier Z will take place early November, featuring the Elder Dragon known as Eruzerion. Players will be able to team up and slay this new boss and obtain items to craft awesome gear pieces.

On the other hand, Phantasy Star Online 2 elements will be appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Z. Sadly, this console game is apparently not available in the western market despite having launched in Japan back in late 2016. Players will be blessed with Rappy costume (the yellow bird), which extends to even the cannon weapon! More features can be seen in the trailer below. Stay tuned for more news from Tokyo Game Show 2018!