Pearl Abyss – Black Desert developer rolls out new employee benefits program

Starting this month of September 2018, Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss has started a new employee benefits system throughout the company, which includes 4 main points as listed below. It was mentioned that all full-time employees of Pearl Abyss will enjoy these benefits, although it is unknown if its overseas office (such as Taiwan) will get them as well. Theses are definitely rarely seen benefits which extends to the family members. Awesome!

– First, female employees who are going through IVF to get pregnant will be financially supported by Pearl Abyss with a sum of up to 1 million KRW (894.50 USD).

– Second, when the aging parents of an employee or spouse have to be admitted into a care center for professional care support, Pearl Abyss will grant up to 400,000 KRW (357.80 USD) of financial support for each elderly parent per month.

– Third, to reward long-time employees, Pearl Abyss will give up to 10 million KRW (8946 USD) according to the length of stay, and up to 30 days of additional paid vacation leave.

– Fourth, Pearl Abyss will financially support employees with 500,000 KRW (447 USD) for each underage child they have (most likely for childcare services). The company will also subsidize up to a maximum of 7 million KRW (6261 USD) annually to cover the tuition fees of employees’ children pursuing their university studies.