BlackShot: Revolution – Massive update Operation Breakthrough arrives in SEA and global servers

[Game website] South Korean developer and publisher Vertigo Games has recently launched the next major stage of its flagship online shooter, BlackShot: Revolution, titled Operation Breakthrough. In this massive 2018 Quarter 3 content update, new Level Generations, tactically optimized firearms, weapon attachments, Weapon Race map, and Competitive Mode Season 2 join the frenzy! This update is not limited to the Southeast Asia server, but the global server as well. Fans of online FPS games should really check it out!

The addition of Level Generations allows top-tier mercs to level beyond the existing level 99 cap, gaining a prestigious “G1” icon as they commence the next 99 ranks in the new level generation. 650 Gems and a valuable Marksman package containing an AWP Harimau and a full gear selection await players who join the G1 ranks before Oct 10.

Operation Breakthrough improves BlackShot: Revolution with a range of top-tier firepower, tactical options, and cosmetic items. Returning to the battlefield in re-balanced and re-textured condition are the AWP Arc Reactor, HK 416 N, Azure Skyripper, AWP Specter, MDR Tuning, FMG Tuning, Taurus Curve, and Sawed-Off Bullseye, along with the Rifle Scope and Silencer and weapon effects. All players can also customize their looks with the new Legion Headgear, Desert Shemagh, and NightOps Mask. And these are not all the updated stuff!

A new map joins the Weapon Race mode: Radar Station! This remote signalling outpost features a combination of outdoor and indoor areas, forcing players to adapt to new parts of the map as they work their way through the gamut of weapons. Finally, Operation Breakthrough signals the start of Competitive Mode Season 2. Players can begin the cycle of hardcore competition once more with new rewards and events. Don’t chicken out!

To celebrate the update, players both new, returning and current can achieve a limited-period premium weapons crate containing high-tier weapons, Gold, and much more. Players can find out more at the official website. Operation Breakthrough is the first of many major updates, as BlackShot: Revolution continues its march throughout 2018!

Players looking to keep up with the most current updates on BlackShot can follow the official website and Facebook page.

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