Lion Heart Studio – Veteran Korean developer opens new studio with investments from 2 major game companies

You might not have heard of veteran Korean game developer Kim Jae Young, but he has quite a reputation in the Korean gaming industry for being the main force behind the now-defunct mobile action RPG, Blade. The high-end Unreal Engine title was also known as Blade: Sword of Elysion in the western market. In fact, Blade was the first mobile game to win the prestigious Korean Game Awards! With around USD 9 million of funding obtained, Kim Jae Young founded Lion Heart Studio in May, which was just only officially announced.

Lion Heart Studio is currently funded by investments from Kakao Games and WeMade Entertainment, each pouring in around USD 4.5 million. The studio is now focused on hiring new talent to work with its core veteran team, with its first project confirmed to be a mobile MMORPG. Kim Jae Young touted that the maiden game of Lion Heart Studio “will revolutionize the mobile games market.” Stay tuned for more news regarding this game!


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