Ashes of Creation – to publish new fantasy MMORPG in Europe

[Game website] Publisher is proud to announce a partnership with Intrepid Studios for its Global Publishing plans. In Europe and CIS, the studio will work together with and Mail.Ru. This partnership will ensure the tools necessary to make Ashes of Creation not just the dream for all MMORPG players, but a reality that will change the future of the genre. Intrepid Studios, still the publisher and operator for the North America region, also hinted that it will announce an Asian publishing partner in the near future. We wonder who could it be…

Ashes of Creation is an open world, non-faction based MMO, in a high-fantasy setting. The game boasts a reactive environment that changes based on player interaction, either for better or for worse. Players must work together to rebuild their lost world and unlock its secrets, all while fighting for survival against NPCs as well as other players. Sounds good!

Pillar features of Ashes of Creation are:

Reactive World that Changes Based on Player Interaction

Ashes of Creation uses a dynamic node system, unique to MMOs. Nodes are widespread locations throughout the world that players can develop when they complete quests, kill monsters, PvP, etc. Nodes have their own experience levels which grow as players participate in normal activities within their “zone of influence”. Nodes can eventually grow into camps, villages, and at their pinnacle, metropolises.

As these nodes grow, so do the quests and services the nodes offer to players. However, nothing lasts forever. World events may trigger horrific monsters which can attack nodes, even other players may pose a threat. Every node has the possibility of being be attacked and destroyed, the reinforcing of competing interests lies central to philosophy behind node design.

Massive PvP Sieges for Castle Dominance

Players can work together to siege castles and take control of territories for themselves. This is done through massively multiplayer siege warfare where hundreds of players can come together to attack or defend key targets. These castles are the epitome of guild driven politics and exert control over the nodes that fall within a castle’s region of influence.

Caravans & Strategic Trading

In Ashes of Creation, the economies are regionalized, both for players’ markets and resources. Caravans facilitate the transit of goods between regions. Initiating a trade from one city to another will create a caravan that players will need to defend while it moves along its route to its destination. These caravans create PvP zones around them, allowing other players the option to attack it.

Caravans are integral parts of city development as cities require a massive amount of resources to upgrade. Players will be able to move their resources and set up shop in other areas of the world in order to take advantage of the new developing markets.

Affiliate System Lets Players Earn Cold, Hard Cash

Ashes of Creation allows all players who register on the site to participate in its affiliate program. This program gives players access to a unique referral link that they can use to invite others to play the game. If another player uses their registration link to sign up, the referrer is able to receive 15% of that player’s purchases back as either; in-game store credits, subscription time, or cold, hard cash!