Arc the Lad R – Mobile game based on classic JRPG officially announced

ForwardWorks Corporation, together with developer AltPlus Inc, recently held a media event to announce Arc the Lad R, a new mobile game based on the classic Arc the Lad JRPG. If you did not know, ForwardWorks Corporation is the mobile games publishing division of Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to the lore, Arc the Lad R takes place 10 years after the catastrophe which took place in Arc the Lad II, considered the best entry in the classic trilogy.

In Arc the Lad R, players will take the role of the male protagonist, a member of the security patrol team, who will then go on an adventure with the mysterious female protagonist he saved. Sounds really cliche, I know. During the journey, players will meet familiar characters from the previous Arc the Lad games who might join the team! The pre-registration phase is now ongoing in Japan, with no launch date announced thus far. Stay tuned for more updates!