Monster Hunter: World – PC version launches this August on Steam platform

[Pre-order on Steam] Capcom finally announced that its hit multiplayer co-op game, Monster Hunter: World, will be hitting PC systems this August. As you can see, the pre-order process is already available on Steam, along with a Deluxe Edition filled with digital goodies. Originally scheduled for a release during autumn or fall, it seems Capcom is confident Monster Hunter World is ready to debut and run smoothly on the PC platform.

If you are curious, we have attached the system requirements below as well. Capcom did not specify if the PC version of Monster Hunter: World will have more settings options to choose from. However, it did mention that the additional content for the console version, such as Deviljho and Lunastra, will not be included in the PC launch version. There is no cross-platform play, and online matchmaking is only available between players on Steam.

Update: Here are the display settings available in Monster Hunter: World. Shown in the screenshots are most likely the max settings one could go in the game. Can’t wait for it!