Islands of Nyne – New sci-fi battle royale enters Steam Early Access this July

[Alpha Test signup] Following up a brief appearance at E3’s Xbox conference and Unreal Engine’s Underdog nomination, developer Define Human Studios today revealed the Steam Early Access launch date and full gameplay trailer of their long-awaited competitive Battle Royale title, Islands of Nyne. The game will ship on Steam Early Access on July 12th and feature a laundry list of new additions and tweaks not yet seen in the current Closed Alpha – a testing phase which some 30,000+ players have participated in since April 2017.

Islands of Nyne has been in development for almost 3 years and offers a first-person-only, RNG-conscious spin on the popular Battle Royale genre all built around a unique sci-fi universe where anything is possible. Define Human Studios LLC began the development of Islands of Nyne in late 2015 with a vision of a better multiplayer Battle Royale game. Over the years, the small indie development studio has built an exciting new entry for this genre that brings massive appeal to fans of fast-paced first-person competitive shooters.

Focusing largely on balanced mechanics, sustained engagements, skill-based gameplay, and dependable server performance, Islands of Nyne promises to hit the ground running with its early 3rd quarter launch. Within its science fiction setting, the team is able to create fantastical environments that spark the imagination. The current map illustrates the fact that contestants were taken from multiple periods in the timeline of human history, which spans an insignificant portion of time when compared to the history of The Nyne.

Players will see structures from rudimentary huts to the spectacular architectures of Rome, all encompassed under the dome of an alien arena called Terra Fictus.

Game features found in Islands of Nyne will include:

• Multiple gamemodes

• Character customizations

• A full ELO ranking system

• Learnable recoil patterns

• Adaptive match pacing featuring dynamic staging

• Custom servers

• In-game currency for purchasing skins and crates

• Leaderboards with comprehensive match statistics

• Further development additions are all included with the original game purchase