Digimon ReArise – New mobile game in popular franchise launches in Japan

Earlier today, Bandai Namco Entertainment officially launched Digimon ReArise in Japan for both Android and iOS mobile devices. The latest mobile RPG in the franchise’s storied history, players will inherit the new Digimon known as Erismon (the porcupine) and stand against an evil organization known as Spiral. For those who are curious, Erismon is a Mammal and Data-type Digimon. What hidden mysteries could this new Digimon unlock?

There are hundreds of familiar Digimons which players can capture and rear in the game. Similar to the other Digimon mobile games which launched in Japan, there are just a few Mega-level advancements available. Most will be added as updates over the course of time. Other than having tons of social gameplay elements, players must choose up to 5 Digimons to be placed in squads for 5 vs 5 combat. No news for an English launch yet, so stay tuned!