Pearl Abyss – Quick look at first financial report from Black Desert developer

Pearl Abyss, the Korean developer of the popular Black Desert Online, officially got listed on the stock market last year. Today, its first financial report was released for the first quarter of 2018 (Jan to Mar). In a nutshell, Peal Abyss recorded a revenue of 75 billion KRW (around USD 70.4 million) during this period, with an operating profit of 33.5 billion KRW (around USD 31.5 million) and a net profit of 27.8 billion KRW (around USD 26 million).

As reported previously, Pearl Abyss is working on a couple of new games, including one multiplayer shooter with AOS elements led by “Gooseman” Minh Le, one of the creators of Counter-Strike. It is currently known as Project K internally, and the end of development has been delayed to next year due to an increase in scope. The other new game is Project V, which Pearl Abyss describe as a casual MMO targeting younger players compared to Black Desert (which is targeted at players between 20 to 30). Stay tuned for more updates!