Orcs Must Die! – Tencent announces closure of China server this July

Tencent Games recently announced the upcoming closure of Orcs Must Die! in China, with the server shutting down on 19 July. This follows a round of layoffs at game developer Robot Entertainment back in March, where around 30 employees were let go. Being signed by China’s biggest games publisher does not guarantee success, as Orcs Must Die! did not gain popularity when Open Beta started on in Dec 2017. Instead, the game fizzed out.

Tencent said the closure is due to “strategic changes” happening at Robot Entertainment. The 3rd installment of the game, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, is currently still running and Free-to-Play on the Steam platform for players outside of China. A mix of 3rd person action combat and tower defense, we have played all 3 games in the franchise and found them to be really entertaining and fun. Check out the game now if you have yet to play it before!