Bless Online – Several changes made to Founder Packs before headstart begins

[Full article] After the uproar from the community about the high costs of Founder Packs for Bless Online with the already high entry barrier of USD 29.99 for the basic game, Neowiz today announced several changes, including a price drop for the most expensive pack and removal of “priority customer service.” Neowiz have dropped the ball on this pre-launch campaign, but there is still time to get back into the good books of the community.

Summary from Neowiz:

– We’ve reduced the price of the largest founder pack from $199 to $149.
– There is no longer a “customer service priority” attached to any of the packs.
– We detailed what the premium subscription (which is optional) will entail.
– We showed off the first exclusive skins for founders.
– We detailed guild benefits and how updates will be handled.
– We announced that the Assassin class is the first big update coming after Early Access!