Blade & Soul – NCsoft announces job extension system in new Vision trailer

After the recent announcement of upgrading Blade & Soul from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4, NCsoft is back again with another developer “Vision” video. This time, NCsoft is back with a follow-up, talking about the job extension feature and the new Tusa class. For job extension, current available classes are strengthened as they ascend to a new tier. The example given was Shaman Warlock advancing to “Distortionist.” Very interesting indeed!

Next, the new Tusan class will be added into Blade & Soul on 14 June. Wielding a greatsword, you could have guesses this class has high attack power and defensive strength. Tusan is able to activate 2 different attributes: “Berserk” for additional damage temporarily, or “Belief” for mid-range attack capabilities. Other than the Tusan update, there is currently no schedule for all the other new functions. Stay tuned for more updates!