Arena of Valor – Developer reveals new battle royale mode for mobile MOBA

The official Chinese social media channel of Arena of Valor (or 王者荣耀 in China) recently teased a new mode for the mobile MOBA, 边境突围 (roughly translated as Border Assault). In this upcoming mode, up to 100 players will be together in a new desert map littered with towns. The new map is said to be 150 times bigger than the current in-game MOBA map. Players can go solo or party up to kill each other before the sandstorm approaches.

As expected, the sandstorm feature is used to make the map smaller overtime, and players caught in it will continuously drop their health points. Players are expected to not just kill each other, but also to farm PVE mobs for items and experience points. Finally, a big-ass boss will spawn in the middle of the map, and the team or player who kills it winning the match. Tencent did not reveal when this new mode will go live, so stay tuned for updates!