Lost Ark – New details for final Closed Beta phase emerge

While there hasn’t been much news about Lost Ark for the past several months, developer Smilegate is actually working super hard to improve the game based on feedback from previous Closed Beta sessions and adding in new content. Starting 19 April, applications for the final Closed Beta test will be accepted through the official Lost Ark website, only for Koreans of course. The main highlights will be 2 new classes, Hawkeye and Soul Master.

There will be several new instances found in the final Closed Beta, and it seems most are actually solo-based, a feature lacking in previous test phases where most instances are party-based. The new card battle mini-game is also ready for testing, with players able to collect new ones from questing, loot drops, and many other methods. This is actually like a full game within a game, just look at the screenshot below! Stay tuned for more updates!